Simulation for Technician Assessment

DishMountingI actually¬†installed satellite television systems as an undergrad, so know that it’s not an easy job figuring out where cable can be run safely and aesthetically, locating the best place for antennae, etc. especially without a construction background.

Our task here was to build SCORM compliant (meaning reports scores back to a server) simulation based assessment to ensure that before folks went out on the job they¬†knew enough to do good work and avoid damage customers’ homes and businesses.

It’s important to note that these are assessments, not instruction. That is, they’re meant to test folks, not teach. Also, the look and feel is a bit dated as these a number of years old now.

We built a series of these pieces, simulating various stages of the job and geographic areas, that scored technicians on all aspects on the job, from meeting the customer, siting the antenna, and cabling the installation.

In game design terms, each simulation was partially ‘open world’ meaning installers could accidentally drill into plumbing, and electrical wiring and cause other memorable and instructional mayhem.

The project involved several very talented coders, animators and 3D artists that I recruited from local game development programs, including Adam Herbert, Charles Harrington, Kevin Frutiger, and others. This team did brilliant work and beat offshore outsource firms on cost.


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