E-Learning Demo, Thoughts On Adobe Presenter 10
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E-Learning Demo, Thoughts On Adobe Presenter 10

Here’s a quick healthcare demo in Adobe Presenter 10, link below – not my magnum opus, just something to show capability.

E-learning Demo

I hadn’t used Presenter since a much earlier version, so we got re-acquainted here. Provided the bugginess subsides after a clean install of Office and Presenter, which I have yet to do, it’s a promising tool.

Workflow is excellent, mainly because most authoring happens in PowerPoint. Haters gonna hate, but there’s no faster route to develop interactive, SCORM compliant e-learning and with good graphic design, the output is indistinguishable from more laborious development tools.

For those asking, “But what about Prezi or After Effects?” aside from the fact that the output of these isn’t interactive, which disqualifies them from many self-paced learning efforts, pretty is nice but it doesn’t improve instructional effectiveness and usually means a big jump in development cost.

In slide based narrated e-learning, effectiveness stands on the interplay of animation and voice, so the need for a lot of custom animation is high, and only practical at high speed and low cost.

On to features, one I liked in version 10, below, is the ability to stretch an audio track over multiple slides, placing markers for slide changes and animation timing. But I did note some audio and animation timing glitches at run time. There’s always a catch.

Pr10 Edit Menu

Presenter 10 also has the typical rudimentary built-in audio recording and editing tools but I used Audacity to record and edit via a Plantronics headset mic at my desk. Audacity remains a spectacular tool, made more so by the cost, free.

And, I mentioned bugs. In addition to the audio glitches above, ability to publish to PDF disappeared after a day or two. I’d select the option, click publish, but no published file would appear.

I want to love Adobe products, but Adobe seems to have excellent business analysts, marketing and interface designers, but seems not to invest enough in testing and development. Presenter 10 has great capability and workflow and it’s priced affordably, but whether I continue to use it depends on a big increase in reliability.


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